Portland-based welder, metal fabricator, and handyman.

I'm Lars Rutkowski, an experienced welder, custom metal fabricator and fix-it guy located in Portland, Oregon.

Outside of work, you can find me swimming with the River Huggers Swim Team in the Willamette, shivering with the Yeti's (Portland's unofficial ice swimming group), playing underwater hockey, free diving at the coast and spearfishing around the world (spearos, I make custom spearguns).

I'm also an avid beer fan, and you can learn more about me on Instagram by following @nwbeerman.

Work Experience

Here's what I've done so far:

  • Welder, Fabricator + Boat Repair | Kamoka Pearl Farm, Ahe, French Polynesia (2020)

  • Metal Fabricator | Schooner Creek Boat Works, Portland, OR

  • Stainless Sheet Fabrication and Small Parts Lead | Portland Kettle Works, Portland, OR (2012-2018)

  • Welder + Machining Fabricator | Rebco Manufacturing, Eugene, OR

  • Subframe fitter + Welder | Monaco Coach Corp., Coburg, OR

I speared this French Polynesian beauty with a speargun I built.

I've been welding for over 15 years: MIG, TIG, aluminum, steel, you name it.

It's hard for me to see broken things without fixing them.

I'm an avid sailor, and have done tons of fiberglass and custom metalwork for boaters.

Do you speak metal fab? Here's more detail.

Here are common tasks I've completed over the years:

Polish stainless parts to mirror finish for corrosion resistance

Fabricated custom boat parts using tubing bender and bench polisher

TIG and MIG welding for custom brewing equipment; operated a 100W laser etcher

Trained a team of craftspeople to fabricate to commercial standards, maintain production schedule

Upgraded shop equipment (rewiring, bracket building, installing switches or custom fixtures, etc.)

Updated and improved shop prints and drawing

TIG and MIG welding of aluminum, stainless, steel

Worked independently on jobs maintaining shop reputation

Equipment maintenance: disassemble, rewire, change fluids, replace parts/blades

Subframe fitting and welding

Welded dual shield MIG with tight turnaround

Completed Peak Performance Training (organization, safety, layout processes, quality control)