Lars Helps

Custom Metal Fabrication + Handyperson

Hi, I'm Lars.

If you need help with a project, whether at home or in your shop, contact me. Chances are, I can help.

These are the things I do: Fixing, welding, fabricating and creating. Patching a boat hull, reinforcing a mast, building a trellis, making a belt buckle, various flatware creatures, remodeling my bedroom, welding brewing equipment or building a roller speargun. These are the projects that keep me going and feed my imagination.

The time has come for me to find a balance in my craft that will feed my soul as well as my needs in life. So here we are.

Custom Metalwork + Welding

  • Repair welding equipment

  • Aluminum tent supports

  • MIG or TIG welding (check for availability)

  • Grinding

Handyman + Home Repair

  • Tile installation + repair

  • Cleaning

  • Painting

  • Remodeling basements

  • Remodeling bathrooms

  • Remodeling kitchens

  • Countertops

  • Flooring

  • Curtain hanging

  • Smart thermostat installation

  • Door repair or replacement

  • Landscaping + lawn care

  • Fan installation

  • And much more

Boat Repair + Marine Metalwork

  • Fiberglass repair

  • Winterization + de-winterization

  • General maintenance

  • Oil change

  • Gelcoat repair

  • Safety rail replacement

  • Custom welding to match existing metal parts

  • Core replacement

  • Molded parts

  • Custom hard tops

Need a welder in Portland? Contact me.